Time will tell…

Isn’t it heartbreaking, when important and beautiful parts of your life just end all together? Trust me, it is! More than that what hurts is that you weren’t trustworthy for some. Am sure it’s a basic thing that everybody must knowing about girls, that they don’t like being the second option. Even am a girl! Obviously it will make any girl mad when others have different things and people to choose over them. Either make a girl your priority or don’t even make her feel like she is am important part of your life.

I feel no emotions flowing through me right now. Completely blank. Right now, i don’t care how things are going on. I am just sick of it all. This happens when your efforts and affection goes unnoticed. When you aren’t trusted enough. When you aren’t the first priority. When you are just someone to be shouted on. Anyway, the key is to walk away from all the mess. At this point of life, where you don’t need to sit and cry over such things, you deserve to be tension free! If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll make way for themselves. Till then you just have to wait and watch who is worth it all.


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