Two years and more..

So I guess this is the turning point, atleast for now. Finally exams are over. Which also means that second year of college is over. (Atleast till the results are out) For the third year we have to choose between Advertising and Journalism, and with that our classes will change. Means no more of our complete friends group. Of course we’ll meet and stay in touch. But still, there is always that thing that pricks you, ‘we wont be together the next year’. This thought is enough to make me all gloomy.

What will I do without these idiots? They complete my life, infact they make it life. This is what two years can do to you. They matter so much to me now. I wont get to see enough of them. All of them mean so much to me, whether I talk to them day in and out or not. They tease me, support me, scold me, make fun of me, encourage me, motivate me, protect me. They are like my pillars, strong pillars. We gossip, have night outs, sleepovers, we get drunk and do crazy things, we eat, we laugh, we dance, we sing at the top of our voices till 3 in the morning. We study, we share notes, we help each other, we click pictures, we guide, we advice, we cry, we talk on the phone for hours. There has become so much of ‘us’ lately, that I dont know what I’ll do without all of them, next year.

And today we had our last second year lunch. A much needed lunch with them. And yes, by the end of the day they did get me teary eyed. Am going to miss them so much. I love them. My people. Always.


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