Its that time of the year, when most of the students have their exams. Their heads are bowed down and buried in books. Even my cousins have their board exams, which commence from today. I am in a public bus right now and I just saw a car coming and halting beside the bus at the signal. The boy sitting at the back seat was still referring to his notes, just an hour before the exam. Am sure they were on their way to the examination centre.

Seeing that boy, I remembered my grade 10th, when I had my first boards. The jitters that I was feeling. Every other person around me advising on how and how not to write the board paper, how to keep calm, how not to be affected by others, and how to tackle with people who can bother you while you are writing. The things to carry, drinking sufficient water, keeping everything in order. Those were the days! The pressure of the boards are too much. But slashing off a subject name after coming home after giving the exam, that happiness is beyond expressing. That relief. The icing on the cake is when your hard work pays off, when you score good marks. Good marks that get tears in your mothers eyes. Good marks that makes everyone proud of you. And after that you start your journey with junior college, sort of entering into the real world.

All the best to all the students having their exams round the corner.


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