Haunting Thoughts

In my bed, snuggled up. My blanket keeping me warm and protecting me from the cold. But can I get something to protect me from my own thoughts? I wish! Random thoughts keep rushing in, disturbing me and further pushing me into the pit of my thoughts. Playing games on my phone just to divert my mind. But in vain. My mind is fixed and stuck to those thoughts. What should I do to stop them from coming to me?! And just then my phone vibrates. New message. I was hoping to let it be from the person I want it to be. As only that one person can change my mood and thoughts within seconds. And one thing that came true. It was from that person. But my happiness was just for a little time. It wasn’t a conversational message. Just a random, ‘I-am-at-so-and-so-place’ message. Okay.

So I am back with my haunting thoughts. I hope at least penning them down will help me get them out of my head.


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