I went to KFC yesterday and when it was my turn to place the order, I started blabbering it looking at the menu. The man across the counter waved infront of my eyes to catch my attention and pointed towards his ears and mouth and signed a ‘no’ and pointed towards the menu by his side. And then I understood that he was deaf and dumb. I looked across the other two counters and got to know even they were deaf and dumb. I quickly apologised to him. And pointed out my order to him, he then gestured ‘how many?’ And I pointed out 2. While my order was being served, I noticed that only 2 men over there could speak. Others were communicating through signs and gestures. He again waved infront of me to catch my attention, breaking my observations and thoughts. He joined his hands formally as a thank you and smiled. I bowed my head slightly and smiled back.

While walking back to my table I was thinking that smile that I had was so genuine from my heart. I was literally touched by this. We are so lucky to have everything important in life. And yet we crib for more. And they still smile warmly with whatever they have. Hats off to KFC (Mumbai), that they hired such good people and gave them a chance. They were working really hard and with all their heart. Respect.


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