Solace, need of the hour.

I need someone to understand me completely. Someone who will get things out of me instead of making them dwell in me. Someone who is actually interested in my life and my thoughts, and listens to me genuinely and not just for my sake. I need someone to look me in the eyes and say, ‘I am here for you, you can talk to me’, when I say, ‘I am fine. Its nothing.’

I want to cry my heart out and get all the thoughts out once and for all. I need someone who wouldn’t stop those tears, but who gives me a shoulder instead. I want to scream, break things, remove all the thoughts and frustration that’s eating me from inside and making me hollow. Right now, I dont know what I want, what I need, who I want or anything.  Right now I desire to just go away somewhere for a day or two to rejuvenate myself, disconnecting from everybody. I need time. Space. But I dont really want to be left alone with my thoughts, they come rushing to me, killing me softly.

I need solace. Food and sleep is what I crave for these days. And the excess food is showing on my body too. One more thought to deal with. How to cope up from this suffocating situation? What do I do?


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