Life changes within a minute.

My friend’s father passed away today and it was the first time that I went for a funeral. It was heartbreaking to hear all the cries, the loud cries. His sister was traumatised, I could barely see her eyes. His mother fainted when they were taking away the body. And my friend was perfectly normal. He wasn’t accepting the fact, the reality. All he was saying was, “No, all of this is a joke. My father is perfectly fine. He’ll come back. He cannot leave us, leave me like this.”

He has many different set of friends. Few from his college, few with whom he smokes, few who spoilt him, few who be with him just for roaming around and few of his school friends, us. No other group turned up to be there for him in bad and difficult time. He was really touched to see us there.

Life is strange. First we get attached to people and then god takes them away from us, anytime any moment. What had he done that at the age of 19 he had to lose his father? All I learnt from today is never be dependent on the future. Never miss a moment of telling people what they mean to you and how much you love them. You never know which moment is your last one. Live. Its a cycle, you take birth just to die, and everything in between is what life is. Live it.


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