So, I had been off blogging for a little while now, was busy with academics. What I have noted about myself is that I tend to write more when I am low or sad.

But anyway, my blog for today is about identity. Do you need an image to convey your thoughts? Just like my blog, I haven’t revealed anything about myself other than my name. So is it necessary? Maybe I am scared that I’ll be judged on my thoughts. I dont know the exact reason. But is it really necessary? Is a face really needed to share your thoughts? But I think I should be confident about my writing and accept the critics and compliments with a smile. Mixed thoughts. Rough days. They often make you think all this.


2 thoughts on “Face

  1. wai14

    I’m new blogger and I haven’t reveal myself yet because of the reason that I don’t feel comfortable doing it and I’m a little scare too. I decided to keep myself in anonymous, for now, and just write about thoughts and feelings and some things that I do . So in my opinion I don’t think is necessarily to reveal yourself if your not sure yet.

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