And finallyyyyyy!


The crowd was getting crazy, camera, flashes. I knew he had already arrived. I ran towards the crowd and got lost in it. I tried looking in the direction of all the cameras just to get a glimpse of him, but in vain. The hootings were getting louder with every second. And then he took a step up and I saw the back of his head. My heart was in my mouth already. And he turned. Hrithik Roshan. My eyes were teary. Was I really seeing this man? More than a decade since I am crazy for him, and finally I saw him. I just couldn’t believe it. He was here to inaugurate a jewellery store. He went inside the store then. The anchor was assuring the crowd that he’ll be out soon and will join us on the stage. Those 5 mins were really long for me. And then he came out. And I could see him clearly and even click pictures to preserve the moment. All I could do for the next 15 mins was treat my eyes with the sight. The dj played his song ‘ek pal ka jeena’ from his first movie that had made me crazy for him and on the crowd’s demand, he agreed to dance for us. And OMG!!! That man! Soon after that he left the venue and left me with the beautiful memory. My luck was with me. Its because of my luck that this happened finally. Finally I saw him.


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