Extraordinary slice of the pie of life.

While surfing on Facebook today, I saw a school photograph of my batch. And it forced me to open my secret box and go through my photos of school. Ah! How I miss school! Nothing, seriously nothing can be like those school days. Cribbing to get up from bed early in the morning, making false excuses for not going to school. But after you are in the school, you dont want to go back home.

Those days when you had to tie your hair properly, dress neatly, polish your shoes, cover you notebooks every year, buy new stationery, getting different snacks in your tiffin box everyday, sharing that food, respecting your teachers, and the list is endless. All this makes me nostalgic. Our seniors used to tell us, “Enjoy your school life now,  you will seriously miss it once you pass out. School life is way more better than college life.” And we used to think, how can they not like college life! I meam come on, you don’t have to wear uniforms to college, you can bunk without your parents knowledge (which is wrong by the way), you can take mobile phones to college. But now, when I am in college, I seriously do miss my school.

Each and every teacher of mine, not just teachers, but everyone from peon to the principal, has contributed in some way or the other in making who I am today. And I am thankful to them from the bottom of my heart.

Now when I look at those group pictures of school of all of us together, who would have thought where we would be three years from then. From a single photo, all the people in it are in different sphere’s of life. Some are pursuing to become a dentist, some a lawyer, some to be in the limelight of mass media, engineers, fashion designers and what not.

There wasn’t cut throat competitions back then. School was an extended family. Those 50 friends in a classroom, your family for a year, that would get shuffled every year. But the relations remained. Some are in touch now, some aren’t. But deep down, no one, I bet you on that, no one will ever forget their school life. The beautiful and precious part of my life. Our life.

I will miss and cherish my school life forever and ever.


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