Trying to put my feelings in words.

Whenever I think of writing about you, my head goes blank, I miss out on words. So I thought of writing this right when I wake up, cause you are the first thought of my day. You complete my life. Nothing feels right when you aren’t by my side. I have never been this happy and content. I love these small and minute things about you that you do or notice about me. At times I feel you dont know things about me but you break this misconception very easily by saying things that you notice about me that no one has ever. There is this attitude that you have, a good one, mostly seen when you are driving. ‘The look’ which you give me, makes me forget everything. That look makes me feel beautiful, confident, shy and it makes me want you. The warmth of your skin, a single gentle touch of it is also perfectly fine to warm me up. You have the power to change my moods. Not seeing you for days does make me crazy, but just seeing you from a distance even for a minute is perfectly fine with me. I can travel miles just to see you for a minute or two. You give me my space, my time, my privacy, you respect me, you understand me. What more could I ask for? Your smile, so loving and honest. I can do anything for that one smile of yours. When you laugh, your eyes lighten up, lighting up my entire world. The way your hand perfectly fits into mine. The first time that I saw you, I didn’t know you would become this important to me. Your concern for me is visible very clearly. Everything about you is so mesmerising. Your voice, your words, a mere look, smile, gestures, thoughts, and what not. You have made me evolve as a person. Things that I wanted to do from a long time, happened after you walked in. Thank you for being there.

Time flies away quickly. And I dont want to waste it. Even hours spent with you feels like seconds. I want to cherish and make the most of the time that I have with you. Forever.


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