Tiring yet amazing day.

The day couldn’t get any better. After running to college I got to know that the lecture had been postponed, and after the sir came he taught us just for 30 minutes. We wanted to visit The Times Of India Literary Carnival in Mehboob Studio at Bandra, so we picked up some food from the canteen and left for the railway station. On account of Ambedkar jayanti, Dadar station was completely packed. Not a single person could move without disturbing another one. It was like without even walking you were moving with the crowds pull and push. But we reached on time at the venue and we attended two events too. It is a great experience to attend such carnivals, you get to meet so many media persons, celebrities, like minded media students, and get your brains stormed. We meet Anupam Kher, Anup Soni, Manoj Bajpai, Divya Dutta, Shreya, Hussain Zaidi, Neeraj Pandey, Ayan Mukherjee, Imtiaz Ali, Nikhil Advani and many more. You dont get such an opportunity everyday.

Then the bus ride back home was the cherry on the cake. I loved it. After reaching home, I had to quickly get ready, and rush for a friend’s cocktail party. My folks at home were already ready by the time I reached home. So I had to get ready real quick. The party was amazing. Exactly how I wanted to end my day, and exactly what I wanted since a few hectic days. When guys stare, its obvious, but today even the girls were staring me, which was very awkward. But I love the attention, so never mind. Oh how I love punjabi wedding functions!

Another hectic day is coming with the sunrise, and its time to crash the bed. I need my sleep. So for now, bye and good night.


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