Yesterday while coming back from the BMM fest of Jai Hind College – Detour, my friend was sitting by the window in train. A strong girl. Who appears and portrays to be very happy on the outside. But only a few know how broken and lonely she is from the inside. But she never lets anyone know about this. She hasn’t moved on from her break up and misses that guy the most. We all were talking but she was lost in her world with earphones plugged in her ears. I couldn’t help but I was looking at her and was just trying to read her. Out of no where her lips curled and she had a faint smile on her lips. Something of the song made her remind of some good memory with him. And just seeing her smile made me smile, a smile of relief.

A girl is very strong. She has ‘n’ number of secrets in her heart. No matter how she feels, how hurt she is, she will never disclose it. She will never let her pain and loneliness affect others mood. Just for the sake of happiness of others, she suppresses everything in her heart. A complicated yet simple being.


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