When you have been hurt physically, emotionally and mentally in the past, then it really becomes difficult to open up to anyone as you are scared that what if something similar happens in the present. When someone has called you ugly and has degraded your self-confidence then you cant trust when someone calls you pretty, you think its just to make you happy. When you have been hurt a lot in the past, you dont dare to do anything that might affect your present and future. Even the truth seems to be a lie to you then. You just want to run away from an hideous past, from everything that makes you remind of it. At times you arent even confident about your present as you fear that the trust and promises have a chance of being broken. You start doubting your happiness. The wounds of the past are too deep. The ghosts of the past still encircle you. Learning from those mistakes, you now start standing for yourself, but even when it is not needed. You are always ready for the worst to come. You fear that one day your present can become like your past. And this thought itself is very scary. I am not ready for another blow in my life. I dont have the strength. Running from your past is not an option anymore. I need to get my head straight. My present shouldn’t suffer because of it. I will work on this and come out a winner.


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