Sunset by the Sea


I have been to Marine Drive quite a few times before, but always in the broad day light with the sun being just above our heads. Today, I went with my best friend at the time of sunset. The breeze that touched my face and blew my hair was just perfect. Not too much to ruin my hair, or too less to make me sweat. Just perfect. The light didn’t make my eyes squint. There was a big match at Wankhade Stadium across the street being Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th match, and as expected it brought over people from parts of places and the place was crowded than the usual. With the sun setting and the dark sky taking its place, it was the first time I was at Marine Drive at this time. I loved sitting there surrounded by my thoughts. Silence. Even through the hustle and bustle of people around me, sitting by the sea shore made me feel calm. Behind me was the Trident Hotel, where all the rich people go. Just by the thought of ‘yes, I will go there some day, and I will get my parents here’ gave my goosebumps everytime. But my mother was worried for me back home. So I left from there around 7pm. But I still want to go there again and just sit there. Calmness engulfing me. I love Mumbai.


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