The first time I saw him

He had come to our college for some college fest work as he is a passout of the same college. He, along with two more people were in our class talking about the fest. At first, I didn’t really notice him. He was not talking but just yawning and seemed very uninterested. Someone said something and he smiled. That’s when he caught my eye. His smile, the warmest, the one that makes everyone smile, which is from the heart. Later I noticed that it had made my lips curl slightly too. And suddenly our graze met. I dont know did he actually see me from the whole class or not. But I believe he did.

I was the class representative then. So all my class mates who are interested had to give me their names and I had to pass it down to him. I was kind of happy about it. But we were leaving then. A friend of mine had a doubt so he asked him, but couldn’t phrase it well. So even though I was nervous to talk to him I rephrased it and spoke to him. He got confused at first then checked the papers and clarified the doubt. And he did it again, he smiled. He then asked me to write in my mobile number and email id. While I was doing that, my friends were pulling my leg about my handwriting and he giggled. Oh my! And we left. 30 minutes and I was left with thinking about him all day long. Smiling in his grey tshirt.

I wasn’t expecting him to come to college for collecting the names, thinking he would be too lazy to do it. But he did turn up wearing a black hoodie and his smile. Ah! His smile.


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