There are times when you wish you hadn’t said those things to someone close to you. You hurt them with your words. Your mere words stung them deep inside and you give them nothing but pain, tears and make them feel bad about themselves. Words that you didn’t mean. Even if you meant them, you told them in a bad way, letting out a meaning of its own. Sorry holds no value when the work is done of hurting the person with your words.

This person whom I hurt today is very special and close to me. That person does everything for me, every effort is there and can be seen. Still I cribbed and hurt that person. How could I? I feel so bad and low about myself. Sorry doesn’t hold any weight now. Still after so much of pain that I caused to that person, I have been forgiven. But the guilt is too heavy. That person came saying sorry to me, that shows that someone doesn’t want to let go of me. I feel terrible after this. I am sorry. Wish I could take back my words. Wish I could undo it.


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