Love struck!


He is the first guy to make me go weak in the knees. I love him from the bottom of my heart. My first crush, my first love, my first hero, my everything. I am crazy for him. I so wish to meet him someday and spend nice quality time with him. I have like 3 scrap books filled with his pictures that I used to cut out from the newspapers.

But I am sane enough to love him in a proper manner. I have a friend who also loves him, but she says, “Damn! He is married. No problem, I can fight against his wife.” Come on, he is a human being, a good one, just that he is a celebrity. There is a thin line. And one shouldn’t cross it. Even though he has looks to die for.

There were rumours that he was coming to our college for Krissh3 promotions, he didn’t. I reached lalbaugh (famous ganpati of Mumbai) and I got to know that he had just left the place like 15 mins ago. I get a call from a friend saying that he is coming to Mithibai College at 11 am, and I was at home at that time. It takes nicely around 50 mins to reach Mithibai College from my place, and the time was 10:45 am when she called. Hard luck? I had started to feel that even my bad luck is bad.

A great husband, father and son. A versatile actor. This man is totally mesmerizing. One cannot get enough of him. Even though he has millions and billions of fans all over the world, I know I love him in a different way.

I wish som close associate of his reads this and some miracle happens. I love HRITHIK ROSHAN, forever. I wish my wish comes true of meeting him and not just seeing him.

From Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.. to Krissh3, how you have kept me tangled to you!


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