We think that we are complete and independent individuals. We can do whatever we want and live life the way we want cause it is our life. But we often forget that there are many lives connected to ours.

No matter how small or big our role is in somebody’s life, the point is there is a certain part that we play in someone’s life. We get angry on someone and remove that frustration on some other person all together, without that person having any clue. We should wait for a moment and think, that other person doesn’t deserves our piece of frustration.

I just realized how many lives are connected with mine when this thought popped into my mind, “What if I have ‘xyz’ disease?” Something that is not curable. How will I tell my loved ones about it? How will they react? Will they be shattered? Will they distance themselves from me? Will they prepare themselves for the worst? Will their attitude towards me will change? Will they make my last countdown days the best of my life? Will they miss me later?

I hope and pray to God to keep me and my loved ones and everyone that I know of and dont know of, healthy and in pink of their health. I love my life and I wish to live and make the most of it. And I thank God for this. Make each day count!


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