My mind won’t function any further unless and until I pen down and remove the already existing thoughts. I was just looking at an album of BMM students throughout Mumbai on Facebook and it just penetrated my mind deeply, “Wow! Look at them.” I think to myself, “Where do I stand? ” I mean they are all my age, but where do I stand? Their way of conducting themselves, dressing sense, body language, they are good-looking and I am sure their communication skills. Where do I stand infront of them? All these thoughts just  pulled me deeper into my dark cave.

But when I stress and think more, I come to the conclusion of, “Why should I underestimate myself?” I am good in my own ways. Yes, they might be good writers, photographers, dancers, orators, dressers, they might be good with conversations too. But why should I let it affect me? There is always a scope of betterment. I am trying to improve my writing and conversation skills, I am even trying to open up with people. Maybe not many can shake their bodies like I do while belly dancing. Maybe not many give their families their time like I do. Maybe not many be happy with the things they have like I am.

When I come to think of it, fine, I am not the best, but in this huge world where I live, there are many people who love me truly and genuinely for what I am and the way I am. I will never change myself, but I can definitely improve. And while improvising, I won’t let go off the hands of the people whom I love. I dont want to better than anyone else but myself.


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