One word. Many applications. Silence is golden. This short phrase has so much weight to it. It’s true that silence is golden. At times, what words cant do, silence can. Sometimes even sharing silence with someone opens up your heart. This just happened today with me. My friend was dropping me to dance rehearsals and throughout the distance we were silent. Even though we chat over messages and phone day in and out. And the friend was none other than the one on whom I have a crush. That 15 mins of silent car ride was awkward at the start but later even the silence with him was comfortable. Even through the silence I could connect to him, just like some telepathic connection. But I can only think of the positive aspects of this silence. Are these genuine thoughts or am thinking of them only because I like him? Confusion strikes yet again. Help needed ASAP! But I can never forget this first silent conversation. Yes, it was kind of special.


3 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Liv

    Personally, I find that whenever I am able to sit quietly with someone without feeling the need to talk just for the sake of talking, that’s when I know I have connected with a deeper level with this person. If you were both comfortable enough to just sit quietly and enjoy a car ride together I’d say that’s a great thing!

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