They complete my life

Our lives revolve around friends. So does mine. And it makes me smile genuinely when I think of each one of them. Be it best friend or just another friend. Every friend is special and unique. They live in your heart.

A friend with whom you can talk, gossip, shop, do anything and you know that friend wont judge you. A friend who always gets late and makes you wait, but you still care for her like a kid sister. A friend who is a tomboy and strong, and suddenly that friend cries and hugs you and tells you how much she loves you. A friend who pulls your leg a lot but when some other person tries doing that, the same friend will protect you. A friend whom you miss. A friend who has just started bonding with you. A friend who is the way she is and doesn’t care about the world. A friend who is a metal fan and uses lots of swear words. A friend who is very hyper. A friend who showsoff the money. A friend on whom you have a secret crush. A friend who is a big time drama queen. A friend who just follows majority. A friend with whom you fight a lot but you dont mean it at all. A friend who just sticks to her boyfriend. A friend who is the target of all the pranks. A friend who is crazy for football freestyle. A friend whose father is a politician. A friend who lives far away. A friend who is passionate about dance. A friend who is now a stranger. A friend…

I love each and every friend of mine. And they mean the world to me.


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