Crazy creepy crawly

After quite a long time my parents left me alone at home. And I was expecting a peaceful time just for myself. I was sitting on the couch, talking to a friend. And just then a guest came unannounced, a creepy house lizard! “Aaahhh!”, I screamed. My friend tried to pacify me, told me ways of shooing it away, but in vain. I know its just a lizard and its smaller than me, still that lil thingy is making me dance on her tunes. I am running around the house like a maniac just so that it doesn’t jump on me. I had the perfect watch on her, but a minute of looking away costed me of more tension. IT IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN NOW!! Finally I can relax. Nah. There it is! Dancing on the wall right infront of me. Oh god! Now what do I do? First things first, close all the bedroom doors. But how do I cross it? RUN! So now that the doors are shut, I know that I can sleep peacefully atleast. So now Mr. Lizard, to hell with you. Now I’ll continue with my TV. What? Do you have ears Mr. Lizard? Again you appear out of nowhere. Hey, now where are you crawling? Ok fine! Its your way! Go crawl to other room. Oh no! But now you are nowhere to be seen. Its time for my hyper active mode. What do I do? What do I do? Papa’s home! Daddy to the rescue! And he is all ready to shoo it away! Yes, come on papa, shoo it away! And its playing hide and seek again.


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