Yah, that’s how my friends have been teasing me lately. Can’t two people just be friends? Ofcourse they can be! I have such a friend, but still my friends just wont believe that it is nothing more than friendship! No wait! Or is it? Have I started liking him? But it would be wrong! I don’t wanna lose the friendship, parents trust! I am so confused! But no matter what, even this confusion is lovely. I don’t wanna do anything wrong now. Nothing that would hurt anybody. I dont want to change anything, not even a bit. Everything will be just the way it is. This crush remains a secret! Sshhh…


3 thoughts on “Confused!

  1. I’m having a crush on one guy and he’s my friend but we have known each other for only 2 or 3 months šŸ˜€ But yea I’m too afraid to tell him the truth cuz I don’t wanna lose my friendship even though I really want him. I’m still very confused. But if I keep it like this, and if one day he will have another girls, I won’t be able to accept that. T_T

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