Bounded Pages

Books are man’s best friend, this indeed is true. A man who doesn’t read is nothing but illiterate. There is no difference between a literate and an illiterate then. Books give us knowledge in heaps. They have a major role in framing out personality. It is what we think. Books give us vocabulary.

It was very recently that I had to visit a library for a college project. The project was that we had to study about the newspapers of 1930-39’s. So there was no other option but to hit an old library. I went to the Asiatic Library. It was only after going inside the library that I realized the importance of it. So many books! So many old books! Elderly people were referring to those books. Those books were so worn out, like literally the pages had come off, they were delicate and yellow and were tied with thread. Well, thats how their importance is felt.

Till wherever my sight was going, all I could see was books, books and books. So much literature, knowledge in just one place. Spending only 70 minutes in that place was heavenly.

One cannot get enough of books. They help us with knowledge, in our boredom

‘A room without books is like a body without soul.’


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