Is there anyone?

Is there anyone? Like anyone who is actually afraid of losing me. Do I hold a strong place in anyone’s life? Is there anyone to whom it really may concern whether I am there or not? This frustration is going on building day by day.

It feels like no one cares whether I am present or not. They all say that they love me and cant live without me, but I cant feel that love. Isnt there anyone to whom it may matter whether I am in their life or not? I feel, if I wont be there, no one would even feel the difference in their life. There won’t be even the slightest disturbance in their life.

I feel like shouting at the top of my voice to get everyone’s attention. Yes, I want your attention, love, care, affection, time. I want it all. Even though I am surrounded by people, I feel lonely. Isn’t there anyone who would be with me with all their heart?


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