Conquer Yourself

Everyone has limits. But we never know are limits, until our skills have been put to test. Never say: “This is all I can do, unless you have tried to do it”. You just need to look within yourself.

Our skills double, when we face danger. Then we see, hear, smell and move faster. It shows that we’re capable to act and do much more than we think. We are just too afraid at times. But what are we afraid of? Are we afraid, we may actually find our tue strengths? Or is it, we just nees to be pushed to find our true potential.

Some of us aren’t afraid. We just aren’t bothered.

The thing that’s worse than quitting or failing is-being complacent. Believing that you are weak and that’s all you are capable of. When you start to say,”This is the way I am and there’s nothing I can do about iy”, that is when you hit rock bottom. No one can help you in such a situation. Even the skills that you’ve mastered will be a waste with such an attitude. Believe in yourself, and only then you can except others to believe in you.

Start to care. Even if no one else does care for you. The last person to give up on you should be yourself.


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