Thinking About Living

Why? – This is the most important question that exists.

All too often our thoughts are simplistic and shallow. Children always ask “why?”. A common game that children like is to ask why continuously to every new answer you give in a long chain of interrogation. Much to the parent’s annoyance of eventually having to admit their ignorance when the questions become too difficult.

I think if we ask ourselves and others “why?” more often we can solve a lot of problems.

Racism/nationalism/patriotism, biases, heuristics, logical fallacies are just some categories of simplistic thinking. It is the root of the majority, if not all, of problems in the world caused by humans upon other humans.

Why not?
Why do I think this?
Why do I feel this?
Why do you think this?
Why do you feel this?
Why does this matter?
Why doesn’t this matter?

If we ask questions…

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