That thing called love..


Love. Its such a small word, L-O-V-E. Yet it holds great meaning. The weight of this small word is beyond our imagination. It has the power to make anyone, yes anyone, bend infront of it. You dont need anything else in your life if you have love with you. Love isnt just for your partner. It has many definitions and applications. Be it the love for your parents, your siblings, your partner, family, friends, best friends, teachers, pets, a small baby, an object, anything. Love is simply love. It has no language. It is far superior than that. For someone love can be caring for their special ones. And for some, love can be partying all night. Whereas for some it maybe dance as their first love. Love is eternal, love is blind, above all, love is kind. Open your heart to the world and I am sure you wont find hatred but all you will find is love. Everywhere. Forever.


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